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The Vaporwave Series is collection of artwork inspired by experiences growing up as a youth in the 1980s. These cultural spaces were free of parental control and rich with creativity and experimentation. 


These 9 x 14 artworks rebuild existing spaces in the built environment -using digital photo editting, google maps, and digital photography. All prints are available for sale in acrylic media.

'A r c a d e   N i g h t s'  

Filled with video games, pinball machines, and three large pool tables, Mike's Arcade was a cultural center for adolescents in a small Alberta town in the 1980s. 



'R e d    S q u a r e   R e n e g a d e s' 

Inspired by the early days when "skateboarding was a crime" these small public squares became hotbeds for punk kids experimenting with the new sport.

'K i n g   o f   t h e   H i l l s'  (

"The hills" was inspired by the network of dirt trails and jumps made by kids to escape the urban environment. These remote meeting places were filled with fun, laughter and experimentation.