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This mobile slice of LED-lighted pie, was a three-year project at SAIT to build an interactive artwork for the Beakerhead Festival in Calgary.  In the third iteration of this project we redesigned the frame and lighting system, and collaborated with Artist: KT Furness who created this amazing fabric "shell".

Designers: Greg Ball, Rob Sadowski, Shaw Kinjo, and KT Furness.
Student Collaborators: Adam Gileon, Alyson Covin, Bryce Shirley, Chit Tun, Curt MacDonald, Erick Pederson, Ethan McNeil, Guilerme Schwinn, James Jenkins, James Lee, Jason Kent, Jay Pocsa, Gerry Moritz, Nathan Tsang, Nicolas Dunbar, Quinn Zortel, Ryan Trabadello, Patrick Desrosiers.