Hoodoo Lamp (Designed by: Greg Ball and Shoko Cesar) by J. Ball

Hoodoo Lamp (Designed by: Greg Ball and Shoko Cesar)

Client: Hoodoos.ca

The sculptural Hoodoo lamp is inspired by the pinnacle-shaped formations found in the prairies of Drumheller, Alberta. The organic, topographic layers of coroplast, a corrugated plastic sheet material, subtly suggest varied tiers of the Earth's natural sediment. The lamps make use of fluorescent light, emitting an eerie glow, and appear as a soft translucent wood when turned off. Hoodoo lamps stand 4 feet tall.

Awarded “Best of Canada Award” and “People’s Choice Award” by Canadian Interiors magazine’s national jury in 2006. Also awarded Best of Canadian design by Reader's Digest.

Materials- CNC machined coroplast and florescent lighting.